Stained glass Butterfly

800.00 lei


Butterfly – Stained Glass with metal support made in the Gooti Glass studio, of fused glass colored with fusion pigments and burned at a very high temperature,
820 degrees C – 1,508 degrees F. Then followed by two burnings with grisaille at lower temperatures. I used the original technique, hundreds of years old, so they will be very durable over time,so there is no wear or fading. Nothing is glued, everything is burnt in my stained glass oven! It is mounted in the tiffany technique.
The metal support has a cast iron metal base and stainless steel rod .I used copper patina.
You will surely surprise your friends with such a gift !

Each stained glass piece of art is safely packaged into a box for delivering it to customer in excellent condition.

dimensions: height 41cm (16 inci)
width 32cm (12,5 inci)
If you have any questions about this product, write me a message! I can give you more details.

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